Building world champion for recycling

The impact of the construction world on our living environment is enormous. With the construction of roads and cycle paths and the construction of houses and buildings, every day we live in a built environment that has brought us many things, including positive ones.

At the rate construction is currently going on, especially in Asia, the demand for construction materials continues to rise sharply and so does the demand for raw materials such as sand and gravel and products like cement and concrete.
In addition to this further depletion of the globe, it can also be reported that the construction industry has been able to make use of secondary raw materials (residues) for decades.


In addition to residues from the waste industry, many by-products from the demolition of roads and buildings are reused in the construction sector. Residual materials are also widely used within the SQAPE technology. The circularity and thus the environmental benefits are considerable. Some examples are:

  • Residual materials as basis for the binder
  • By-products of industry use as activator
  • Secondary aggregate such as concrete granulate can be used

Second life

A study by SGS INTRON also concludes that geopolymers produced with the SQAPE technology can be reused and applied as an aggregate in new geopolymers or concrete. With SQAPE there are no restrictions for future generations.