SQAPE technology

Sustainable alternative to cement-based concrete

SQAPE technology

Anyone looking for a durable and high quality concrete should definitely get to know the SQAPE technology. This makes it possible to produce a sustainable alternative to cementitious concrete.

Our unique technology replaces the binding of concrete with cement with a production method using mineral residues, alkalis and our patented additives.

The use of this SQAPE technology also reducesCO2 emissions by 80%. The products that come out of the factory with this method therefore have an extremely low EQI value.


It is our patented additives that, together with mineral residues and alkalis, make the production of geopolymer concrete very manageable. This new form of concrete binding produces high-quality products and is very durable. Find out much more about the innovative SQAPE technology on this page.

Technical properties

The technical properties of products manufactured using SQAPE technology provide a considerable range of physical benefits. For example, the excellent bonding properties of SQAPE technology ensure high flexural and tensile strength.

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Applications in practice

Right from the start, leading manufacturers have embraced SQAPE technology. Our system has already proven itself in numerous products and applications.

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Production, Processing & Safety

By using existing production processes, including those of licensees, the SQAPE technology delivers products that are comparable to standard concrete, but with much better technical properties.

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Specifications, certificates

What exact specifications are known for the SQAPE technology? And are the standard certificates available for the adequate application of SQAPE?

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