SQAPE Added value

Additional beneficial properties

The application of the cementless SQAPE technology, using mineral residues, alkalis and patented additives, has a beneficial effect on the quality of the concrete.

Conscious choice

Those who choose SQAPE leave the beaten track, but do not plunge into the deep end. You consciously choose a sustainable, safe future and contribute to the preservation of a healthy living environment. It has been mankind that has caused climate change and man himself can take new paths. For example, by limitingCO2 emissions and at the same time discovering the favourable technical properties of SQAPE products.


The safe application of concrete is organised through rules and standards. Therefore, production with SQAPE polymers has been extensively researched and tested. Building materials based on SQAPE technology are freely applicable, with very little environmental impact. The binders used meet the limit values in the Soil Quality Decree and have all the necessary certificates, quality marks and CUR recommendations.


In addition to these safe standard requirements, our products have a whole range of additional favourable properties. For example, the bending and tensile strength and acid resistance are greater and shrinkage is less. TU Delft has also investigated that SQAPE provides good resistance to carbonation (corrosion reinforcement) and chloride penetration.


The SQAPE technology is stable and well controllable thanks to the use of patented additives. Equally positive is the good workability of mortar based on SQAPE geopolymers. You can significantly increase the efficiency of the entire production process and work up to twice as fast. In addition, studies have shown good adhesion to cementitious concrete (both dry and wet mixes).


The cost price of a cubic metre of stone based on SQAPE technology may be slightly higher than that of normal concrete, but the range of technical and sustainable benefits ultimately outweighs this and also offers economic advantages: faster construction of floors, double output of existing equipment, lower maintenance costs.

Reinforced concrete

The industry is still looking for the balance between the use of alternative raw materials (plus the reduction achieved) and the requirements imposed on the quality of the concrete. For unreinforced and some reinforced (constructive) applications, geopolymer concrete with SQAPE is perfectly usable and has been certified. In addition, cement is also part of other products that, with our technology, can be produced without cement and thus more sustainably.


Research by SGS INTRON shows that producing sustainable building materials by applying the SQAPE technology does not lead to increased health risks.