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High-quality technology under licence


SQAPE BV is a joint venture of Cementbouw (A CRH Company) and Mineralz & Water (Part of Renewi). The combination focuses on the further development of geopolymer technologies. Here we convert high quality secondary minerals into stable building materials through chemical activation.

Our products have excellent technical properties that allow them to be widely used in society. In addition, we supply products with a very positive CO2 footprint, which contribute significantly to reducing global warming. And we are quite proud of that.


At our production facility in Wanssum, a grinding and mixing installation provides a unique selection of mineral residues. In 40 years' time, 'Wanssum' has become a major player by detecting minerals from residual flows and using them to produce new types of technically high-quality and highly durable binders.

Our unique geopolymer technology, which we have been developing since 2012, is in use in the Netherlands and has already been patented for Europe, China, India, Malaysia, Australia, North America and Brazil.


SQAPE brings this technology to the market through licensing. One application of the technology has already found its way into the Netherlands under its own brand name RAMAC. This ready-mix application for the concrete industry will be widely used in the public and private markets in the coming years.

Our technology can also be used in other manufacturers' production facilities to produce durable concrete products under licence and under its own brand name.


At SQAPE the journey of discovery continues. We are determined to further expand and develop our research into geopolymers and sustainable materials. SQAPE has its own research laboratories for this purpose. Our partners are central to this. By optimising cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, we can increasingly expand our innovative technology.

After plain concrete elements, now also reinforced constructions can benefit from the SQAPE technology. And there are other fields in which the use of sustainable binders will be put to good use. Time and time again, we will provide technical properties that will amaze the market and contribute to a more sustainable world in the process.

SQAPE is part of the listed companies CRH (Cementbouw) and Renewi (Mineralz & Water), which see great future potential in this technology.

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