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Research geopolymer concrete Port of Rotterdam completed


An extensive study on the application of geopolymer concrete was commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Port of Rotterdam Authority has the ambition to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% by 2030.

Research geopolymer concrete Port of Rotterdam completed2023-07-24T12:19:26+00:00

Sqape technology submitted to Concrete Innovation Center


To apply geopolymer concrete in a Rijkswaterstaat project, Van Hattum en Blankevoort submitted an application to the Betoninnovatieloket for the validation of geopolymer concrete. The Concrete Innovation Counter is a

Sqape technology submitted to Concrete Innovation Center2023-08-23T08:10:10+00:00

Structural properties for prestressed bridge


After an extensive preliminary investigation of the structural properties of SQAPE geopolymer, a prestressed structure was realized for the first time. Previous tests and practical examples have already shown

Structural properties for prestressed bridge2023-05-15T11:18:56+00:00

Chemical resistance SQAPE geopolymer


Press Release 7.12.2020 By order of the WTCB, various circular concrete techniques have been validated and explored by means of research. One concrete technique that has been highlighted is that of alkali activated

Chemical resistance SQAPE geopolymer2023-05-15T11:22:09+00:00

Rouwmaat Group & SQAPE sign license


SQAPE has signed a license agreement with the Rouwmaat Group. With this, Rouwmaat serves the supply of cementless concrete in the East Netherlands region. From the traditional mixture of sand, gravel and cement,

Rouwmaat Group & SQAPE sign license2023-05-15T12:58:38+00:00

A. Jansen B.V. & SQAPE sign license


SQAPE has signed a license agreement with A. Jansen B.V. This makes it possible to supply geopolymer concrete from the various concrete plants such as Son, Etten-Leur & Amsterdam to various

A. Jansen B.V. & SQAPE sign license2023-05-15T12:31:55+00:00

SQAPE Geopolymer fully circular


Geopolymer produced with the SQAPE technology can be readily reused and applied as an aggregate in new geopolymer or concrete. This concludes international research institute SGS in its independent study.Environmentally hygienic and

SQAPE Geopolymer fully circular2023-05-15T11:56:49+00:00

Long life SQAPE geopolymer demonstrated


Independent research by SGS INTRON shows that SQAPE technology is suitable for replacing cement in concrete applications while maintaining an extremely long service life. At the request of

Long life SQAPE geopolymer demonstrated2023-05-15T11:38:48+00:00

SQAPE safe for health


Press release 29.09.2017 The production of sustainable building materials by applying the SQAPE technology does not lead to increased health risks in the usage phase. This has been shown by research carried out by SGS INTRON.

SQAPE safe for health2023-05-15T12:34:52+00:00

Struyk Verwo Infra & SQAPE sign license


SQAPE has signed a license agreement with Struyk Verwo Infra. After a previous license with V.d.Bosch Beton, Struyk Verwo Infra also has the confidence to work with the geopolymer technology.

Struyk Verwo Infra & SQAPE sign license2023-05-15T12:17:14+00:00
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