SQAPE Innovative technology

Innovative binder

The SQAPE technology is a patented method for producing high-quality concrete products and building materials. This production method was developed during research into a sustainable replacement for cement as a binding agent in concrete, for example.

The SQAPE technology is a method of producing concrete without cement and therefore with less environmental impact.
This technology has a well-manageable process, ensures good workability and provides various technical benefits. Due to their sustainable character, the end products also contribute to the preservation of our living environment.


In 2012 Van Gansewinkel (now Renewi, Mineralz) and Cementbouw started working together. The business duo were convinced that the reuse of raw materials was becoming increasingly important in the construction process. However, in order to reduce climate change they wanted to go a step further. Because the component cement in concrete causes considerable CO2 emissions, they investigated together a more sustainable binding agent for concrete products.

A breakthrough was achieved in the experiments that took about five years. Thanks to patented additives, a new type of geopolymer concrete was made using high-quality mineral residues.


It is the patented additives that make the innovative SQAPE technology so unique. These additives ensure - together with alkalis - that mineral residues are a full replacement for cement through chemical activation. This allows for optimal control of the production process and also ensures good workability of the materials. This unique technology ultimately ensures high-quality products that clearly distinguish themselves from other geopolymer and concrete products in the market.

Mineral residues

An important feature of the innovative SQAPE technology is the use of specially selected mineral residues (silicon and aluminium). These secondary materials have already had their first working life. Therefore, the CO2 emissions attributable to these substances are zero. Because our SQAPE technology uses these residues, instead of cement, it delivers an enormous environmental benefit: up to 80% CO2 reduction and an extremely low EQI.

Geopolymer concrete

Products made in this way have already proved the value of the innovative SQAPE technology. For example, RAMAC concrete mortar (semi-finished product) is produced using this technology, while the SQAPE technology is also used by various partners for prefabricated products (bricks, tyres, etc.). Both processes can take place under licence, as this production method can easily be applied in existing plants or factories and does not require large investments.

SQAPE is a joint venture of the listed companies CRH (Cementbouw) and Renewi (Mineralz), which gives this technology extra future prospect.

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*Including in Europe, China, India, Malaysia, Australia, North America and Brazil.