SQAPE Specifications and certificates

SQAPE technology

The SQAPE technology has been tested for years on (our own) laboratory scale. Various properties have been verified by independent bodies and universities. In addition, we continuously monitor and test the quality of our binder and end product. This is to give licensees, clients and customers confidence in the SQAPE technology.

Certification of Licensees

For specific applications or projects, we support the various parties in demonstrating specifications and durability. In this way, our licensees have also demonstrated minimum equivalence to traditional products through innovation and product certificates.
Long-term studies by independent bodies and universities are currently taking place in order to also demonstrate the quality in the long term.

SQAPE certificates & reports

SGS Circularity & soil quality decree report SQAPE
SGS Health assessment in use phase SQAPE
TU Delft Durability of geopolymer concrete SQAPE
SGS Suitability in concrete products, agricultural concrete products and pavements SQAPE

v.d. Bosch Beton certificates & reports

KIWA Product certificate for soil quality decree Reduton
KIWA Innovation Certificate Reduton Geopolymer Concrete

Struyk Verwo Infra certificates & reports

KIWA Product Certificate for Soil Quality Decree CERO

Rouwmaat Group Certificates & Reports

KIWA Product Certificate for Geopolymer Concrete for on-site installation

Safety data sheets

Safety data sheet SQAPE RAMAC mortar
Safety data sheet SQAPE Binding agent