Positive in duplicate

The environmental cost indicator summarises eleven environmental impacts into one score. Because SQAPE both requires no cement and makes use of secondary residues, this is positively reflected in the EQI score.


The SQAPE-bonded materials produce an extremely low Environmental Cost Indicator (EQI) value. This indicator shows the fictitious costs for repairing the negative environmental impact of a type of material. The MKI value thus allows you to better compare products, enabling you to consciously choose the product with the lowest environmental impact and thus the lowest 'repair costs', expressed in the MKI value. This number is proportional to an amount in euros.


Clients increasingly want sustainable procurement and tendering. This challenges the market to become more sustainable and innovative. MKI is increasingly used as a measurable instrument. Using SQAPE increases the chance of being awarded a contract or of achieving the set objectives.

Our licensees have demonstrated and externally validated the environmental cost savings on several projects. The reduction is up to 70% compared to cement-based alternatives.