SQAPE Licensees

Patent for all

Patent for all

Citizens and businesses must work together to limit the effects of climate change. The replacement of cement plays such an important role in this respect that the innovative SQAPE technology must not be allowed to sit on our shelves.

The unique SQAPE technology is patented for all major markets worldwide: Europe, China, India, Malaysia, Australia, North America and Brazil. In order to benefit from the many advantages - such as the reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 80% - the technology is also made available to external partners.


The company v.d. Bosch Beton was the first to make use of this and, as early as 2015, realised the first projects under licence based on the SQAPE polymers. Struyk Verwo Infra also quickly became a licensee, and there are also the various RAMAC licensees.

In addition to the sustainable gain of replacing cement and reducing a huge percentage of CO2 emissions, the SQAPE technology also produces an extremely high quality concrete and the production method is comparable to that of 'normal' concrete.
With the help of a course at the SQAPE ACADEMY and an extensive manual, among other things, it is relatively easy for regular concrete plants and factories to apply the technology in their own environment. SQAPE can thus be applied under licence at manageable investment costs.