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The production of sustainable building materials by applying the SQAPE technology does not lead to increased health risks in the use phase.

This is evident from research by SGS INTRON. SGS INTRON was commissioned by SQAPE to research the health in the use phase of geopolymer products produced with SQAPE technology.

The focus of this study is on personal exposure of processors and users. To this end, health-relevant components such as

released volatiles; fine dust and alkalinity.

The main conclusion is that there is no reason for an increased health risk for geopolymer products produced with the SQAPE technology compared to cementitious products. A striking result is that alkalinity of the geopolymer is not a problem. The pH of drill cuttings from the geopolymer is comparable and even lower than drill cuttings from cementitious products.

The full report by SGS INTRON can be found here.

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