Independent research by SGS INTRON shows that SQAPE technology is suitable for replacing cement in concrete applications while maintaining an extremely long service life.

At the request of SQAPE, SGS INTRON has performed research into the life span of geopolymers based on the SQAPE technology. It concerns research results of geopolymer grass elements, stones, tiles, tyres, pavers, agricultural concrete products, sewerage applications and concrete (road) pavements.

SGS INTRON has tested and evaluated the results of SQAPE in the areas of compressive strength development, freeze/thaw resistance, acid and sulphate resistance and splitting strength and concludes that the SQAPE technology is suitable for the production of extremely long-life geopolymers.

Because the SQAPE technology completely replaces cement, a low CO2 footprint is characteristic of the geopolymers produced. The study confirms that sustainability and an extremely long lifespan go hand in hand.

The full report by SGS INTRON can be found here.