Heembeton, in cooperation with Sqape, has a first in the construction industry. For the first time, structural facade and wall elements have been assembled from geopolymer concrete.
In close cooperation, a self-compacting mixture was developed that meets the various requirements for production and properties.

An extensive study on the geopolymer concrete was carried out on this project. The results of which have been validated by the CROW Concrete Innovation Center. For this, various performances and properties were compared with cement concrete and its relation to the construction and use of the houses. The statement can be downloaded via this link: Validation statement SQAPE technology for precast concrete walls

Ultimately, the precast elements were used by Heijmans in the construction of 4 ground-level homes. No changes were required for both design and construction. This makes the application of this sustainable innovation easy.

Briefly, the benefits at a glance:

  • LowerCO2 footprint in production phase
  • Similar properties to cement concrete
  • Same construction process (details adjustment not necessary)
  • Recognized in the Concrete Accord
  • Legion of applications

More information: The first homes with walls and facades in geopolymer concrete - Heembeton B.V.

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