SQAPE has signed a license agreement with the Rouwmaat Group. With this, Rouwmaat serves the supply of cementless concrete in the East Netherlands region.

Of the traditional mixture of sand, gravel and cement, the latter is replaced by a less environmentally damaging binder.

The binder, a geopolymer, is manufactured from high quality mineral residues mixed with an activator and unique binding agent. Rouwmaat has gained extensive experience in manufacturing, supplying and processing this cementless concrete.

The result can be up to 80% CO2 reduction (compared to Portland cement), a low MKI score and unique construction properties, such as high acid and salt resistance and low shrinkage.

Not only is Rouwmaat innovating with geopolymer cementless concrete but also in other areas such as saving on primary raw materials by:

  • Recycle concrete released from demolition projects into gravel and sand substitute in new concrete
  • Collecting rainwater and using it as make-up water for our concrete, which means that we as Rouwmaat Group (with 5 concrete plants) have a tap water consumption of a four-person household.

Through these efforts, the Rouwmaat Group is already able to meet circular requests from national, provincial and municipal governments. This also makes them one of the frontrunners in the Concrete Agreement launched by the government.