SQAPE has signed a license agreement with A. Jansen B.V. This makes it possible to supply geopolymer concrete to various locations in the Netherlands from the various concrete plants such as Son, Etten-Leur & Amsterdam.

Sustainability and dealing differently with natural resources is a top priority for A. Jansen B.V. Over the past decades, its various different business activities have been converted into one efficient, circular chain. As a result, Jansen Beton uses certified, secondary raw materials in its standard concrete mortar, which come from the Infra and Recycling Division.

The production of cementless concrete fits into the circular process because the binder is fully circular. This ensures that geopolymer can continue to be used in new concrete without fail in the future.

Geopolymer concrete is already being used successfully in road construction but is potentially suitable for a large number of concrete applications. For example, as a foundation in housing projects, as in the climate-positive construction of the Ecodorp in Boekel.

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