Press release


Together with SQAPE, V.d. Bosch Beton has succeeded in replacing the cement in concrete grass elements (verge pavement) using SQAPE geopolymer technology. The province of Overijssel is the first to apply Reduton®, as the new geopolymer line from V.d. Bosch Beton is called, to the N331.

Reduton®, the new geopolymer grass element with extremely low CO2 emissions, is the result of the collaboration between V.d. Bosch Beton and SQAPE geopolymer technology. By using these geopolymers as a cement substitute, a CO2 reduction of up to 85% can be achieved. V.d. Bosch Beton is the first company to produce a grass element without the addition of cement. This is a first.

Two important pillars of V.d. Bosch Beton's policy are innovation and sustainability. In addition to searching for new designs and fields of application, V.d. Bosch Beton constantly innovates in the use of raw materials. Producing a sustainable geopolymer product is therefore a logical next step for V.d. Bosch Beton.

The province of Overijssel stimulates innovations and the application of low-CO2 technologies and products, including the development and testing of prototypes. "We work with companies to achieve sustainability gains. The innovation by V.d. Bosch Beton contributes to making the infrastructure more sustainable and to road safety. That is why we are experimenting with this new verge surfacing during major maintenance and reconstruction of the parallel road along the N331 between Zwartsluis and Vollenhove", says Bert Boerman, member of the Provincial Executive responsible for Mobility, Water and Social Affairs in the province of Overijssel. Together with V.d. Bosch Beton, the Province of Overijssel will monitor and evaluate the project. The first results are expected in the spring of 2016.

SQAPE is the technology company that invented and patented the new geopolymer technology and is using it together with launching partners. The technology has been tested by SQAPE on a laboratory scale for years. After a cooperation agreement was signed, SQAPE optimised its technology for this application of V.d. Bosch Beton.

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